About the STAR Project

The STAR Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Founded in 2004, it receives funding from a variety of sources. In 2005 it received a two year start-up grant from The Sherwood Trust. Since this time, STAR has operated through various grant and direct service contracts, providing uninterrupted services to the citizens of Walla Walla County.

The need for Assistance

Typically, convicted felons are released from prison with $40 in "gate money" and the clothes on their back. They are usually required to remain in the county of the conviction until their parole period has been completed. After years of having virtually every aspect of their life under the control of others, even a visit to a grocery store can be daunting.

Family and old friends may have enabled them along the path that landed them in institution, so their support is often non-existent or more problematic than helpful. With limited choices, many who want a better life simply do not succeed, re-offend, and return to prison. The cost to them and to society is enormous. Incarceration costs taxpayers about $50,000 a year, per individual.

STAR's Mission

The work of the STAR Project is to provide the guidance and support that will successfully re-integrate ex-offenders into the community as contributing members of society. Our vision is to increase community safety and reduce recidivism by assisting persons to successfully transition from incarceration to the community.

Clients, board members and volunteers all working hard to create a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner.

STAR building community relationships through community service.

Clients pitching in to help sell furniture for Diversity Day.